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Topspec Ulsakind cubes

by Topspec
Type: Horse Feed
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A very low starch but conditioning cube, designed to be added to a TopSpec feed balancer to help maintain healthy gastric comfort.

Designed For:

  • Horses requiring nutritional support for the natural integrity of the stomach lining.
  • Horses requiring a very low starch diet.

Nutritional Benefits:

  • Cereal-grain-free and very low in starch to be highly sympathetic to the equine digestive system.
  • High levels of ?-glucans form a gel-like consistency in the stomach, slowing emptying, and helping to maintain the natural integrity of the stomach lining.
  • Contains an acid buffer, scientifically proven to reduce excess gastric acidity for up to 6 hours*.
  • Pectin, which increases the viscosity of the stomach contents.
  • Soya oil, scientifically proven to delay stomach emptying*
  • Includes, protein, calcium and magnesium, which have a short-term acid-buffering effect.
  • Salt, reduces or eliminates the need to add salt (compared to feeding straights).