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Thunderbrook Organic Meadow Nuts

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Type: Horse Feed

A Complementary forage feed for horses.

Low in sugar and starch with a high fibre content.

100% dried organic meadow grasses and herbage.
Biodiverse, mixed species organic grasses and herbage, warm air dried, dust extracted, ground and compressed in to 10mm nuts.

Typical Analysis:
Moisture 6.4%, Crude Fibre 34.98%, Crude Protein 7.07%, Crude Fat 1.06%, Sugar 2.2%, Starch 0.8%, DE 6.9Mj/kg.

Organic Meadow Nuts are a natural product cut from in excess of 1,000 acres.
There will be slight variations in the analyses and appearance due to the time of cut, weather, location of field, etc.