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Sun-e-bed Straw Pellets

by Sundown

Sun-e-bed is a highly absorbent, sustainable, horse bedding that speeds up mucking-out without compromising on bed quality or comfort.

The soft straw pellet breaks down to a fluffy, comfortable bed, with minimal dust, making it suitable for horses (and humans) who suffer from dust allergies and respiratory disorders.

Unlike wood pellets and other straw pellets, Sun-e-bed does not need watering before use, saving you time and hassle!


  • 100% British straw
  • Saves time mucking-out
  • Economical and space-saving
  • No watering required
  • Suitable for all bedding systems
  • Composts quickly for easy disposal
  • Very low dust levels
  • Highly absorbent and eliminates odours
  • Natural and sustainable

Soft, absorbent, and economical

Made from short straw fibres, Sun-e-bed fluffs up to a soft and supportive bed for your horse.

The bedding is highly absorbent. Wet patches clump together for easy removal, and lock away the ammonia smell.

You won't need to remove much bedding each day, which will keep your muck-heap small and reduce your bedding costs!