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SPORTSPET Glow in the Dark High Bounce

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our beloved formula. Charged in natural daylight, no sun required, these balls glow vibrantly, adding a new level of fun when the sun goes down.

Our Glow in the Dark Bounce balls, like the rest of the High Bounce range, are made from a distinctive blend of top-quality natural and Japanese rubbers, a feature that sets us apart from many well-known brands. We've strived to ensure that our Bounce balls aren't just a joy to play with but are also built to last.

This exclusive rubber blend endows our balls with incredible bounce and durability, allowing them to keep up with the most enthusiastic of playtimes. Ideal for a game of fetch or other interactive play, our Glow in the Dark Bounce balls are designed to endure whatever fun your pet brings. Nighttime play has never been more exciting!