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Rockies Five Star

by Rockies
Type: Horse Lick
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5 Star Rockies

Calorie-free 5 Star Rockies will help keep your horse or pony in excellent condition all year round, whether at grass or in the stable. They contain trace elements and herbs, and apple flavouring and fenugreek make them highly palatable.

Zinc helps keep feet and coat in excellent condition all year round. 5 Star Rockies use Bioplex? zinc, which greatly improves absorption by the animals? digestive system.

Cod liver oil helps maintain a healthy coat all year round.

Iron helps reduce the risk of anaemia.

Seaweed helps improve skin condition because seaweed is a natural source of essential minerals and trace elements such as:

  • Calcium for bone growth and maintenance.
  • Magnesium for enzyme systems and metabolism, and to help prevent nervous conditions.
  • Sulphur for skin and hoof condition.
  • Phosphorus for bone structure (in conjunction with calcium).
  • Copper to reduce anaemia risk.
  • Manganese for enzymes and bone formation.
  • Iodine for the thyroid, which controls basic metabolism.
  • Selenium to help muscle development.
  • Cobalt to produce Vitamin B12 in the gut.

Rosehip aids respiration.

Fenugreek helps ease chronic coughs and benefits digestion.