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Naked Dog Original Duck


The Naked Dog Duck raw meal is a nutritious choice that dogs love! Duck is rich in omega fats, and with a significantly greater amount of vitamins than Chicken, including Vit D and higher B vitamins we would recommend adding Duck to your dog's weekly menu. Our Duck recipe is not too high in fat at only 9.3gm, so is even suitable for dogs with digestive issues! We recommend a mix of all of our Original range for a varied nutritious diet.


Remember the term Water off a Ducks back? This is because Ducks carry a wonderful array of fats, natural healthy fats that not only protect them in the water but also leave their meat packed with nutrition to support your dog. Duck is not simply a great alternative to chicken but a real treat for dogs, juicy, flavoursome, and nutritious.
Duck is higher in fat, but those fats are in a beneficial form, and needed to support anti-inflammation, muscle movement, and healthy growth. This meal is created to be 85% meat including offal and 15% plant nutrition, needed to enhance the meat and make sure your dog is getting all the nutrition they need.
The bone content is around 7% in this raw dog food.
At Naked Dog we never duck out of it, our raw dog food production factory follows the strictest of safety standards as registered and monitored by Defra and the UK Pet Food ( formally PFMA) industry standard. The food is produced frozen, stored frozen, and stays frozen until it reaches your dog’s bowl.

All of our packaging can be Recycled in your home recycling collections.


Duck with bone, Duck Heart (total Duck 65%), Tripe, Beef Liver & Kidney, Carrot, Butternut Squash, Green Vegetables, Blueberry, Salmon Oil, Kelp, Wheatgrass.

Analytical Contents

Moisture 73.4%, Crude Protein 11.1%, Crude Fat 9.3%, Crude Ash 2.1%, Crude Fibre 0.7%


We recommend that you defrost overnight in the fridge, the raw food will last for 4 days this way. Once defrosted, do not refreeze.


Based on our Naked Dog Chicken 1kg tubs, to feed a little dog of 4kg you would spend 64p a day. A small 8kg dog 96p, a medium 12kg dog £1.14. Larger Labrador size dogs of 30kg would be around £2.30.