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FBN Beef & Berries 1kg


Made with Beef, fresh BERRY chucks, desiccated coconut and nothing else, our mince has a great texture that dogs love, super fresh made from frozen material not defrosted ensures our Beef, Papaya & Coconut smells great, tastes great, looks great

  • Super fresh product straight from the Welsh valleys
  • Never defrosted for production unlike the majority of producers
  • Great texture that dogs love, really chunky
  • With all our products you can see every particle, no hiding poor ingredients
  • Excellent margins for you, the retailers
  • Perfect for DIY feeders
  • No Mush!
  • Available in 1kg bags for best economy
  • Made in Hereford using UK meats


84% Beef, 15% Papaya, 1% Desiccated Coconut