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Ewbol Lambcare Milk Replacer 10kg


Ewbol Lambcare

A high performance lamb milk replacer formulated to provide balanced nutrition:

  • High survival rates
  • Lamb vigour
  • Rapid growth

Lambcare milk replacer

Features and benefits

Suitable for all feeding systems

Specifically formulated for machine feeding, warm and cold ad-lib feeding and bottle feeding.

Lamb nutrition

The digestive system of the newborn lamb is very sensitive to nutritional changes. Ewbol Lambcare offers a well balanced, highly digestible fat and protein level to avoid digestive problems. This ensures the lamb has a plentiful supply of energy for survival and protein for growth.

Excellent mixability

It is a whey based, water-soluble complete milk replacer. The use of soluble dairy raw materials in combination with acids make it an ideal product for rearing lambs on any system. 

Minerals and trace elements

All necessary minerals and trace elements are included at a high level. These include magnesium, managanese, zinc and selenium and these are important for lamb health and growth.


Vitamins are included to boost lamb health and immunity. This is important in the first few days when disease challenge is at its highest. Lambcare includes vitamin A (25,000 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (2,000 IU/kg) and vitamin E (300 mg/kg).

Health pack

Hypothermia and infectious diseases are responsible for the majority of lamb losses. Ewbol Lambcare contains a specialist health pack which lowers pH in the intestine and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. Ingredients include Omega 3, plant extracts, medium chain fatty acids and emulsifiers. This results in improved lamb performance and health status.

Feeding guide


Add 200g of Ewbol Lambcare milk replacer to water to make up 1 litre of milk. For the first 3 days of feeding mix and feed Ewbol Lambcare at 37? C. For the remainder of the feeding period Ewbol Lambcare can be mixed cold or >25 ? C.

For an ad lib machine requiring free flow powder we recommend our 20kg bags. Recommended weaning age is 35 days.


Ewbol Lambcare milk replacer is specifically formulated to allow machine feeding, warm or cold ad-lib feeding and bottle feeding.