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Burlybed Original X


Burlybed Original Extra is made in exactly the same way as Burlybed Original. 100% Miscanthus grown and processed in the UK. This sustainable and environmentally beneficial crop is processed in our unique way to make the best of the naturally absorbent core of the miscanthus cane whilst maintaining its durability.

We have added the extra benefit of a unique formulation of naturally antiseptic eucalyptus and soothing aloe vera. Our exclusive treatment is 100% natural, creating a hygienic and fresh environment, helping to combat and mask odours and acting as a deterrent for those horses tempted to eat bedding. 

Eucalyptus was chosen for its naturally antibacterial properties and fresh scent. Combined with the soothing features of aloe vera, this formulation make a great addition to the UK?s original miscanthus bedding.

  • 100% Miscanthus
  • Eucalyptus & aloe vera
  • Naturally antiseptic, soothing & fresh
  • Ultra absorbent
  • Economical
  • Low dust
  • Easy to maintain
  • Biodegradable
  • Naturally sustainable
  • Environmentally beneficial crop
  • Recyclable packaging


You can use our bedding however suits your horse and your own stable management but for the very best results, we suggest a deep litter system. Our bespoke production process uniquely exposes the ultra-absorbent inner core of Miscanthus. By using a deep litter system the moisture and odours are absorbed within the bed, leaving the top dry. Droppings on the surface can be easily removed. The chop size is designed to easily fall through your fork reducing wastage.

 In an average 12?x12? stable we recommend using 5 to 8 bales to set up a deep bed. Top up when necessary, often as little as half a bale per week.