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Baileys No 3 Stud & Youngstock Cubes

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by Baileys
Type: Horse Feed

Baileys No 3 Stud & Youngstock Cubes is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Stud & Youngstock Cubes are popular among breeders, especially those who have larger groups of mares or youngstock, as they are cost effective and can easily be fed on the ground. They are also useful for those horses with a limited appetite as their energy density means that a smaller volume will deliver the required energy and supporting nutrients whilst reducing the risk of overloading the horse’s digestive system. Small frequent, digestible meals are key to reducing excessive glycaemic response and avoiding starch overload. 

Feeding Recommendations
  • The following tables suggests quantities of Stud & Youngstock Cubes to be fed in pounds and kilogrammes per day, followed by the equivalent number of 'round bowl Stubbs scoops' to feed per day, when feeding ad lib good quality forage.
  • Quantities are based on the “anticipated mature bodyweight” of the youngster or actual bodyweight of the adult horse. The actual/estimated bodyweights of a youngster’s dam and/or sire are a good basis from which to estimate the “anticipated mature bodyweight” ie. the bodyweight you believe the youngster will attain as an adult.