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Baileys Keep Calm 20kg

by Baileys
Type: Horse Feed

Baileys Keep Calm 20kg is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Keep Calm Mash is a fully balanced high fibre feed designed to provide non-heating energy to maintain condition, whilst helping encourage a calm temperament.  Its unique combination of beet pulp and soya hulls supplies a high proportion of easily digestible “superfibres” and, along with additional natural fibre sources, means the overall starch and sugar contents are kept remarkably low.  With quality protein, for muscle tone, and a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, including calcium and magnesium, Keep Calm Mash is suitable for horses and ponies at rest or in light to moderate work.


Keep Calm Mash should be soaked before feeding and will make a tasty mash in around 10 minutes in cold water. The recipe is barley-free, very low in molasses and with linseed for a shiny coat as well as extracts of flavours of essential oils to tempt the fussiest of feeders.  It also has a starch content of only 7% and contains less than 5% sugar so is ideal for horses and ponies prone to laminitis or whose starch and sugar intake needs limiting.  For optimum gut health and digestive efficiency, Keep Calm Mash contains Baileys Digest Plus prebiotic as well as antioxidants, like vitamin E, to support the immune system. 

What’s IN

Superfibres from beet pulp and soya hulls

Superfibres include pectins and hemicellulose and are more easily fermented by the hindgut bacteria, yielding their energy content more efficiently than the cellulose in traditional fibre sources.  This makes them useful for providing additional slow release energy/calories, alongside forage, and in a more digestible form than the long fibre of forage itself.  The special cooking process used to produce Speedi-Beet makes its fibre content especially digestible as well as making it quick and easy to soak.

A full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, including calcium and magnesium

Vitamins and minerals are essential for overall health and well-being and minerals, in particular, are likely to be lacking in a forage-only diet.  Calcium is important for healthy bones, teeth and hooves and, along with magnesium, is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses so a correct balance of these minerals helps support a calm outlook.

Quality Protein

This is important to build and maintain muscle, as well as for general tissue repair, and is provided by linseed and alfalfa.

Omega Oils

Linseed is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which are incorporated into cell membranes, including those in the skin, encouraging supple healthy skin and a soft shiny coat.

Digest Plus prebiotic

Digest Plus supports the beneficial bacteria in the hindgut, which are not only involved in fibre digestion but also in producing valuable B vitamins and in the horse’s immune response. 

Flavours of essential oils

These are included to lend their irresistible flavour and aroma so even the fussiest feeders should tuck in!

What’s OUT

Barley – there’s none

Some horses just don’t tolerate barley which is why Keep Calm Mash, like all Baileys cubes, is barley-free.

Starch – there’s just 7%

The main, but not sole, source of starch in a horse’s diet, is cereals which, when carefully micronised to optimise the digestibility of the starch, can be very useful for providing highly digestible calories for many horses and ponies.  There are times, however, when it’s best kept to a minimum and 7% is really not much at all compared to an average horse & pony mix, which may contain 20-30%.

Sugar – there’s less than 5%

Sugar is a natural component of every horse’s diet as it is found in grass, hay and haylage and is included, with starch and fructans, in what is known as the Non-Structural Carbohydrate (NSC) content of horses’ diets.  Some horses and ponies need to control their NSC intake however and, for those prone to laminitis, an overall dietary NSC content of no more than 10% is recommended, although, in reality this is quite hard to monitor.  Choosing feeds which are known to contain low levels of sugar will help to keep the overall intake under control.



Keep Calm should be soaked for around 10 minutes, before feeding, in approximately 2 parts water (by volume) to 1 part Keep Calm Mash eg. 1 scoop of Keep Calm Mash plus 2 scoops of water.  Soak time is shorter with warm water and may take longer in particularly cold weather.